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5/4x6 Ipe


Build a once-in-a-lifetime outdoor living space with 5/4x6 ipe. We take extra steps by sanding every surface and easing the edges with care so you get a product comfortable to walk on with bare feet. You'll never have to worry about children or guests getting splinters when using ipe for decking.

Tongue & Groove For Porch Decking

With a sunroom or covered patio made from 5/4x6 tongue & groove ipe you get a serene outdoor space that offers decades of enjoyment and easy use. We hand-pick each board and sand both faces. Our custom-grooved porch decking gives you a tighter fit and minimal spacing between boards. This extra step gives you greater options during installation.

NOTE: You must install tongue and groove outdoor decking under covered areas only. Under exposure to inclement weather conditions and improper airflow, you will damage this wood.

Edge-Grooved For Hidden Fasteners

Because of it's extreme density and hardness, ipe requires pre drilling for most applications. We can save you time with edge-grooved decking made for hidden fasteners. Using hidden fasteners gives your deck a clean look and doesn't require pre-drilling.

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